The Great Debate: Gas versus Diesel

Gas versus diesel is a question many fleet operators are concerned with today.  The prevailing thought over the last 50 years was that “real” work trucks were diesel powered but is this still accurate today?  With the increasing costs of diesel powered trucks due to EPA mandated emissions equipment many fleet operators are now considering gas trucks as a means to control costs and add simplicity back to their fleet operation.  Is this really a good decision? 

The reality is that no single commercial truck can meet the needs of all businesses but this webinar will give you an in-depth look at gas versus diesel based on both offerings from Isuzu Commercial Truck.  It will provide you with some of the considerations you need to think about before making a purchase decision.  Although acquisition cost is important it may not guarantee you the lowest cost of operation over the life of the vehicle. 

In 30 minutes we will provide you with a lifecycle comparison based on acquisition costs, fuel economy, and maintenance and fuel costs.  Join NAPSA for the Great Debate on September 18, 2014. Register HERE!