Washington Power Sweeping Contractors

The North American power sweeping Association (NAPSA) partners with industry-leading street sweeping companies in hundreds of locations across the US. Select a sweeping contractor in Washington from the list below and enjoy the highest quality sweeping services for parking lot sweeping, construction job site sweeping, residential street sweeping and commercial facility clean up.

NAPSA Power Sweeping - Washington - Johnston

Washington Service Areas:

  • Washington

A-Line Asphalt Maintenance, Inc. - Jason Getch

Jason Getch
P.O. Box 873516
Vancouver, WA 98687
Telephone: (360) 576-6814
Email: info@alineparking.com
Web: www.alineparking.com
Service Area(s):

All Pride Services - Jake Hoerman

Jake Hoerman
17913 - 58th Pl S
Kent, WA 98034
Telephone: 253-872-0744
Email: operations@allpride-services.com
Web: www.allpride-services.com
Service Area(s):

Cantel Sweeping - Michael Wagoner

Michael Wagoner
1709 NW Eleven Mile Avenue
Gresham, OR 97030
Telephone: (503) 661-4337
Email: info@cantelsweeping.com
Web: www.cantelsweeping.com
Service Area(s):
Oregon - Portland

Seattle Sweeping, Inc. - Jim Sailors

Jim Sailors
667 E. North Bend Way
North Bend, WA 98045
Telephone: 425-864-0627
Email: seattlesweeping@comcast.net
Web: www.seattlesweeping.com
Service Area(s):