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The Power Sweeping Industry Standard

The sweeping industry is highly competitive.

The power sweeping industry is tough. Contractors are facing stiff competition, frivolous lawsuits and rising insurance costs. The good news is that there is a solution which will help with these pain points and position your company as the leader in your market.

With centuries of combined experience, the member companies of the North American Power Sweeping Association (NAPSA) know that there’s only one sustainable way to compete: by doing business the right way. By becoming a NAPSA Certified Sweeping Company, you can show your customers and prospects that your company’s dedication to quality goes far beyond lip-service.

A Commitment to Excellence

The definition of quality is conformance to requirements. NAPSA established the industry standards for properly and professional operation of a power sweeping business. Approved by the American National Standards Institute, the NAPSA/ANSI Power Sweeping Standard (PSS1000-2018) defines the procedures professional power sweeping companies endeavor to implement to provide quality services to their customers. By implementing and adhering to the Power Sweeping Standard, companies can reduce their legal exposure while increasing employee satisfaction and retention.

The Certification Process

Becoming a Certified Sweeping Company demonstrates your company’s commitment to quality.

Three elements are required for annual certification:

Step 1


Step 2

Get Your Manager Certified

Step 3

Get Your Operators Certified

Complete these steps and the application process to become a

Certified Sweeping Company

Certification Overview

NAPSA Membership: A nonprofit association made up of 300-plus contract sweepers, service providers, sweeping equipment dealers, manufacturers and suppliers, NAPSA is dedicated to providing beneficial support to members and enhancing services to the sweeping industry.

Become a Member

Certified Sweeping Manager (CSM): A Certified Sweeping Company must have at least one employee who has completed the Certified Sweeper Manager standards course within the CSM Program. However, anyone who is with your company and may be deposed will benefit from this training. Offered through the Sweeper School training portal, the CSM Standards course teaches the principles contained within the NAPSA/ANSI Power Sweeping Standard and how they should be implemented.

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Certified Sweeper Operator (CSO): A Certified Sweeping Company must have at least one employee who has completed one of the courses offered in the Certified Sweeping Operator program. Offered through the Sweeper School training portal, the CSO program accelerates the development of sweeper operators through ongoing education on best practices.

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Certified Sweeping Companies have proof that their staff is experienced with the Sweeper School training portal, have been familiarized with the industry’s Power Sweeping Standard and value the benefits that membership in a professional trade association brings.

Certified Sweeping Company Application & Survey

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