NAPSA is a 501(c)6 not-for-profit organization founded in 2000. NAPSA's mission is to promote and educate the power sweeping community while enhancing the environment. NAPSA currently has about 300 members throughout North America.

NAPSA is governed by a Board of Directors supported by project specific volunteer teams. The Board of Directors hold monthly conference calls and meet once a year at the National Pavement Expo.



Peter Philips - Clean Sweep

Pete Phillips
Clean Sweep
Chattanooga, TN

Vice President

Scott Duscher - Agua Trucks, Inc.

Scott Duscher
Agua Trucks, Inc.
Wickenburg, AZ

Past President

Sylvia Richards - Asphalt Enterprises

Sylvia Richards
Asphalt Enterprises
Raleigh, NC


Mark Carter - Peloton Sweeping

Mark Carter
Peloton Sweeping
Orange, CA


Bryan Young - TYMCO, Inc.

Bryan Young
TYMCO, Inc. Waco, TX

Directors (Contractors)

Gabe Vitale

Gabe Vitale - C & L Sweeping Service Corp.

C & L Sweeping Service Corp.
Jackson, NJ

Latasha Crenshaw

Latasha Crenshaw - AC Sweepers and Maintenance Inc.

AC Sweepers and Maintenance Inc.
Atlanta, GA

Rich Katz

Rich Katz - TKG Sweeping & Service LLC

TKG Sweeping & Service LLC
Waukegan, IL

David McCaskill

David McCaskill - AccuSweep Services, Inc.

AccuSweep Services, Inc.
Columbia, SC

Bradley Ross

Bradley Ross - Ross Industries, Inc.

Ross Industries, Inc.
York, PA

Chris Dick

Chris Dick - Katsam Enterprises

Katsam Enterprises
St. Louis, MO

Jay Presutti

Jay Pesutti - East Coast Industrial Services Inc.

East Coast Industrial Services Inc.
Pine Bush, NY

Directors (Associate Members)

Greg Heyer

Greg Heyer - Schwarze Industries

Schwarze Industries
Huntsville, AL

Jeff Old

Jeff Old - Visual App

Visual App
Richardson, TX

Doug Seto

Doug Seto - Nite-Hawk Sweepers

Nite-Hawk Sweepers
Kent, WA

In leu of most formal committees, NAPSA utilizes Project Teams for specific objectives. Project Teams are assembled as necessary to accomplish organizational goals. These teams are usually for a term of 90 days or until the specific task is completed.
NAPSA currently has the following teams working toward goals:

  • Benefits
  • Bylaws
  • Certification
  • Documents
  • Environmental
  • Executive
  • Legislative
  • Membership
  • Website Development

If you would like to be considered for a future project team, contact the National Headquarters and let them know your area of interest.

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