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The power sweeping industry is tough. Contractors are facing stiff competition, frivolous lawsuits and rising insurance costs. The good news is that there is a solution which will help with these pain points and position your company as the leader in your market.

By becoming a NAPSA Certified Sweeping Company, you can show your customers and prospects that your company’s dedication to quality goes far beyond lip-service.

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Members enjoy access to the nation’s largest association of professional sweepers, their manufacturers, suppliers and service providers. We strive to provide our membership with extensive benefits including lead generation, education, and certification. Take advantage of being a part of the North American Power Sweeping Association today!

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If the discounts alone from the manufactures don't convince a company to join NAPSA, then the networking with other sweeping contractors around the country will benefit one's operation in more cost saving ideas and similar concerns about running a profitable sweeping company.

Karl Stauty / Commercial Power Sweeping and Services

Most of my customers belong to at least one professional association. They understand the benefits and that only the top firms in their industry spend the money and time to belong. It is definitely viewed as a positive affiliation that creates credibility and trust.

Mark Carter / Peloton Sweeping

The thing I get most out of NAPSA is the fellowship we have with the contractors. This reminds us of all the same problems and joys. NAPSA allows us to converse with each other.

Gabe Vitale / C&L Sweeping Service Corp