Code of Ethics


Members of the North American Power Sweeping Association (hereinafter “NAPSA”) are dedicated to the highest standards of professionalism, integrity and competence. Recognizing their responsibility to their customers, employees and the public, signators to this document pledge to follow these guidelines in their business and professional conduct.

Canon I

General Obligations

  • Will conduct their business and professional activities with honesty, integrity and project a professional image in all endeavors.
  • Will neither take nor recommend any action knowing such action to be in violation of any law, regulation, ordinance or a threat to public health or safety.
  • Will ensure truthful and non-deceptive advertising and be prepared to substantiate any claims or offers.

Canon II

Client Obligations

  • Will ensure proposals are complete and accurately describe service/products to be rendered.
  • Will maintain reasonable insurance to protect and defend clients from loss resulting from our direct actions.
  • Will keep clients informed of business practices regarding their accounts including debris/waste disposal, equipment type, chemical use and regulations effecting the work for that client.
  • Will appropriately disclose to customers the use of subcontractors or independent contractors, when their use goes beyond minimal or auxiliary services.
  • Will have established procedures for the fair and prompt resolution of any claim or dispute.
  • Will honestly inform customers of any known shortfall in our agreed scope of work, hopefully prior to the customers discovery.

Canon III

Employee Obligations

  • Will endeavor to provide employees with a safe working environment.
  • Will endeavor to adequately train employees to safely and productively perform their assigned tasks.
  • Will ensure employee payroll issues are handled in strict compliance with federal and state law.
  • Will ensure employment laws regarding hiring, firing, discipline, discrimination and workers compensation are strictly followed.

Canon IV

Safety Obligations

  • Will provide ongoing safety training and awareness for our employees.
  • Will make safety a driving force in our operations to help protect our employees, customers and the public.
  • Will adequately equip and maintain our vehicles and equipment with appropriate safety devices.
  • Will rigorously inspect and maintain our vehicles and equipment for safe and effective operation.

Canon V

Professional Obligations

  • Will further the profession by supporting the objectives and programs of NAPSA.
  • Will strive to improve and update our professional knowledge by continuing education and study.
  • Will share with the profession new information as it relates to the betterment of the industry.
  • Will cooperate with other members and industry professionals, and work with them to advance the common business and professional interest within the sweeping industry.
  • Will use every opportunity to improve the public understanding of professionalism in the sweeping industry.

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